David Pyle

Lt. Commander
Roger Young

2nd Lt. Commander
Josh Lai

Gary Waltrip

David Pyle


San Jose Camp #1440

The Stainless Banner

Announcements: CA Division Meeting in Bakersfield, March 2018
Civil War reenactments - Fresno (SCV) outreach tent and Felton Roaring Camp
Committees: Discussion was held on the various committees and how their duties will be carried out.
Programs Committee: plans camp meetings and arranges for speakers. (Speaker who spoke on General Lee's Orderly)
Headstones and Markers Committee: Locating graves of Confederate veterans, document their whereabouts to assist others in finding them, photograph them, obtain GPS coordinates, and clean, repair or replace headstones. (Oak Hill Cemetery, out of 30 possible graves of Civil War Veterans, 3 have been found.)
Membership Committee: Find new members, bring back drop-outs.
Honor Guard/Color Guard Committee: For those of us with uniforms and muskets.
Scrapbook Committee: A photo album and CD's of digital photos could act as our scrapbook.
Newsletter Committee: Editor is Gary Waltrip. Need articles, so please contribute those, as well as photos and announcements.
Historical Research, Genealogy Committee: Aids and encourages the recording and research of true Southern history; recommends books to the membership (Roger Young's wife, Sandy may be able to assist, and his sister-in-law, Luann Stills may be able to assist with finding graves since she is a specialist in this area, though she is out of state.)
Uniforms Committee: Assist members in locating reproduction uniforms and equipment for color guard and other activities. (Tim Diamond may be able to assist.)
General Discussion and Suggestions: What will it take to make you want to come to camp meetings and participate in camp committees and activities? How often should we hold camp meetings? There was discussion about possible other meeting sites since some members live out of the San Jose area. One possibility is Four Points (by Golden Gate Bridge). There was discussion about CSA General Stevens, 1906. There were ideas shared about special speakers, drawings, having specific causes for fund raising.