Application Guidelines for Division Dr. Padgett Scholarship of $350

The scholarship is open to high school seniors and college students maintaining a C average or better, who are members in good standing in
    1) Sons of Confederate Veterans, or the  
    2) Children of the Confederacy, or the
    3) United Daughters of the Confederacy.

To apply, submit to your sponsoring SCV Camp:
A letter including
1) the degree you are seeking, and the field of study you plan to pursue;
2) your career aspirations;
3) evidence of academic excellence;
4) Southern Heritage contributions;
5) Service to your community, and
6) Your need for financial support. And
7) Proof of current membership in one of the organizations listed (confirmation from an officer of that camp or chapter).

Each camp will select and submit to Division one applicant per year for this academic scholarship of $350. Treasurer will mail check to the awardee, or, to a Camp officer.

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