2017 Memphis, TN–July 18-23, 2017
SCV National Reunion Memphis, TN

Current Role Call in attendance for 2017 from CA:
Robert Crook Camp 1208 Los Angeles
Linn Malaznik Camp 1440 San Jose
Steve Browning Camp 2048 Bakersfield
Mike Climo Camp 1742 Inland Empire
Kevin Street Camp 2048 Bakersfield
Nolan Street Camp 2048 Bakersfield
Bob Williams Camp 1770 Orange County
Ryan Williams Camp 1770 Orange County
Vern Padgett Camp 1208 Los Angeles
Jon Fowler Camp 2048 Bakersfield

Division Officers & Cabinet
Mike Climo Camp 1742 Inland Empire Signals Officer
Kevin Street Camp 2048 Bakersfield Signals Officer
Bob Williams Camp 1770 Orange County Brigade Commander “Lower South”
Ryan Williams Camp 1770 Orange County Quartermaster
Vern Padgett Camp 1208 Los Angeles & California Adjutant
Jon Fowler Camp 2048 Bakersfield Brigade Commander “Upper South”

The meeting requested yesterday was in regards to the “Mega Flag Program” that National would like all camps to support and ensure purchasing “your Confederate stuff” from National to assist in raising money. National is offering “Net 30” to the Division, who can then in turn sell support the local camps, typically through the division Quartermaster. They have improved the quality and reproduced these flag to the best of their ability to actual colors, format and sizes.

I can provide more detail at the Division meeting on Aug. 20th, 2017
Additionally, spoke to National about having/producing the “CA Gillis Flag”.
They will do it, just need to ensure that we buy from National so they don’t “get stuck” with a bunch of flags.
Given the cost to us (about \$3.00), I would advocate, at a minimum in addition to the Camps supporting on an individual basis, that the flag also be given with the Hunley Award.
I’ll speak with Trip Wilson to see if he perceives any conflict.

Overall, seems like a really good program and idea for those Divisions that are not as involved in purchasing from National.
Best Wishes
Jon Fowler
SCV CA - Brigade Commander "Shelby\'s Iron Brigade"
SCV Commander Camp 2048
SCV 2nd Lt. Mechanized Calvary
SCV CA Hunley Award Liasion


2017 Bakersfield, Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, 11-13 March, hosted by Bakersfield Camp 2048; our 23rd Reunion.

Our Friday night reception offered camaraderie for all.

At our Business Meeting on Saturday morning, 11 of our 12 camps were in attendance.

Jon Fowler has taken lead with the Hunley Award Program in California. Kevin Street described the Mechanized Cavalry Artillery Auxiliary as a group for those who want to flag from cars or trucks. Kevin described the benefits of flagging in the L.A. area. He reported flagging State Representative Huffman, and that a photo made the New York Times. Kevin has added a Division Facebook page including a secret group for SCV members. Webmaster Mike Climo keeps our division web site free of hacking and reports that we have unlimited space for posting our news. Tim Desmond won his court case on showing his painting at a local fair. Commander Smith reported that our division added 69 new members this year. Twelve in our division attended the National Reunion in Arlington, Texas where our members received 36 national level awards. We agreed to plan a joint meeting with our SUV brothers every 3 years. Adjutant Vern reported that our Division has 280 full members. Our largest camp is Sacramento 1627. Our camps range from Father A. J. Ryan Camp 302 of San Diego, in the South, to George Blake Cosby Camp 1627 in Sacramento in the north. Our Treasurer reported a balance of \$2860. We had registrations of 39 for Lunch and 53 for the Banquet. Steve Smith was reelected Commander; Scott Price was reelected Lieutenant Commander; Jon Fowler was reelected Brigade Commander Upper South and Robert Williams was elected Brigade Commander Lower South. Vern Padgett was reappointed Adjutant and Treasurer.

Donations to the Silent Auction from Order of Confederate Rose and Camp 302 gathered \$430 for SCV. At the Banquet Saturday night, Commander Jim Stephens of Camp 302 San Diego presented the sword honoring the Camp of the Year to Commander Scott Price of Orange County Camp 1770. Scott assembled seven men from his camp for a group photo and stated that the honor was due to them for their hard work. Each year the Member of the Year award is presented; this year, Commander Smith gave that honor to the women of SCV, awarding 19 certificates to the women supporting our work. Among the banquet guests were UDC California Division President Scarlett Stahl.

After the banquet, more conviviality and exchange of information took place back at the Hospitality Room. Sunday morning, the UDC led us in honoring our ancestors at a memorial service at Union Cemetery, with a Color Guard led by Greg Frazier, and an SCV drone capturing images for Facebook.

by Vernon R. Padgett, Ph.D. - Adjutant, California Division, SCV

Pictures taken at the 2017 California Sons of Confederate Veterans Convention. These pictures were taken by Camp 1804 members Commander Tom and adjutant Wayne.
These photos can be viewed on a gallery page by clicking the picture below: